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Transportation to Pu Mat

21 Jul, 2023
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To get to Pu Mat National Park, you can choose from the following modes of transportation:

By air: From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, or other major cities, you can take a flight to Vinh Airport. From Vinh city (Nghe An), you can take a taxi, local bus, bus, or high-quality limousine to Pu Mat. If you enjoy adventure, you can also choose to travel by motorbike. The distance from Vinh City to Pu Mat is about 130km.

–   Pros: Saves time and energy.

–   Cons: Higher transportation costs.

By car:

From Hanoi, you can drive to Pu Mat.

–   Pros: This is the best option if you have time. You will have control in all situations, and when you arrive at Pu Mat, you can actively participate in the tours you desire, saving you time.

If you are only looking to make use of travel time, this option may tire you out, as the distance from Hanoi to Pu Mat

–   Cons: It is approximately 360km.

From Hanoi, you can also travel to Pu Mat by high-quality sleeper bus to Con Cuong Town, and then rent a motorbike or take a taxi for sightseeing.

–   Pros: Saves transportation costs for you and your family. The high-quality sleeper bus (with private compartments) costs only 350k – 400k VND per person, while the sleeper bed is only 250k – 300k VND per person.

–   Cons: Slightly inconvenient because once you reach Con Cuong, you have to rent another vehicle such as a car or motorbike to reach various sightseeing spots. Sometimes, you may have to wait as the bus picks up and drops off passengers along the way (which takes approximately 7-8 hours).

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