Pu Mat National Park

Living slowly, getting closer to nature, and experiencing green tourism and ecotourism with family and friends is becoming a trend for people to enjoy life. Looking back at the long period when humanity had to struggle against the harshness of the pandemic, we appreciate our lives even more and desire to choose a peaceful, gentle, and harmonious life with nature.

In line with this trend, Pu Mat National Park has been constantly innovating to meet the increasing demands of tourists and partners. With its pristine and majestic natural landscapes, outstanding biodiversity ranking among the top in the country, along with the cultural diversity of the surrounding communities, Pu Mat National Park possesses numerous advantages and potentials for the development of ecotourism and green tourism!

To further maximize the values of the resources generously bestowed by “Mother Nature”, along with the determination to develop Pu Mat National Park into an impressive and appealing ecotourism destination, we eagerly seek investment and business cooperation based on the principles of sustainable development of natural resources with our partners and investors. We sincerely appreciate the interest shown by domestic and international tourists who have shown their affection for Pu Mat, and we highly value your contributions to the development of ecotourism in Pu Mat National Park.

The prominent and distinctive features of ecotourism in Pu Mat National Park::

Pristine, majestic Natural Landscapes.

Pu Mat National Park provides a distinctive experience for tourists.

We always prioritize environmentally-friendly, ecologically balanced, and community-responsible service products that prioritize human health and well-being at our destinations..


94.750,9 ha
61 km
2691 species
2319 species

Tourist attractions in Pu Mat

The open Nature and Culture Museum in the Western Nghe An

Pu Mat National Park’s wildlife rescue center

Peripheral botanical garden

Am village peak

Experiential education area

Kem waterfall

Tour should experience in Pu Mat

Trekking Pha Lai - Co Phat

Trekking through Co Phat forest

Rowing Sub

Nature experience

Hunting clouds Trekking

Camping Co Phat

Stream bathing


What did the press say Pu Mat?

Image gallery

Thac Kem
Giang River
Nomascus leucogenys
Rheinardia ocellata
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis
Varanus salvator
Macaca assamensis
Ursus thibetanus
Sunda pangolin

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