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Adventure tourism

Visiting the ecotourism of Pu Mat National Park, visitors have the opportunity to experience thrilling adventures that sometimes leave them breathless amidst the majestic mountains, pushing their limits. With adventure tours such as rowing Sub on the picturesque Giang River, overcoming torrential waters, conquering towering mountains to capture beautiful photos of nature and the sky, […]

Thematic tours

Pu Mat is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the country, where many rare species of animals and plants converge, such as Clove wood, Ironwood tree, Asian elephants, bears, muntjac, gibbons, civets, and primate species. With these advantages, Pu Mat National Park has been actively developing specialized tourism activities to meet the needs […]


When visiting Pu Mat National Park, tourists can challenge themselves by participating in trekking tours to conquer towering mountains such as Pu Mat Peak, Kem Waterfall Peak, Grass Burnt Hill, etc. This will allow them to witness firsthand the distinctive forests of the western region of Nghe An , including the precious Po Mu and […]

Experiential Education

Nature experiential education is a top priority in the range of ecotourism activities here. It aims to nurture and spread love for nature within the community, especially among children. The goal is to change the community’s awareness and behavior towards natural resources in the most positive direction. When visiting Pu Mat National Park, you have […]

Sightseeing tourism

In addition to the aforementioned types of tourism, when visiting Pu Mat National Park, tourists also have the opportunity to explore and discover many other attractive tourist spots, such as the Natural-Cultural Museum of Western Nghe An; Wildlife Rescue Center; Peripheral Botanical Garden; Admire the majestic beauty of Kem Waterfall and enjoy a relaxing foot […]

Cultural tourism

The Pu Mat National Park can be described as a gathering place of ethnic diversity, with six brotherly ethnic groups including the Kinh, Thai, Tay, O Du, Hmong, and Dan Lai residing in and around the park buffer zone, each group bringing their own unique cultural beauty. This has made the region increasingly intriguing and […]