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Peripheral botanical garden

18 Sep, 2023
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Peripheral botanical garden – Established in 2001, the Botanical Garden covers a total area of 57 hectares, planned into 32 sections, with convenient concrete pathways for easy movement. Since 2004, it has collected and cultivated 8,457 plant species, including 2,494 native species of Pu Mat National Park. It is not only a forest but also a repository of precious genetic resources for native plant species of the national park. When visiting the Botanical Garden, tourists can explore and study the common and rare plant species of the Western Nghe An region and Vietnam as a whole. Currently, the Botanical Garden serves as a place for environmental awareness, forest conservation, and genetic resource preservation. Opening for scientists, students, and researchers. In the future, the Botanical Garden will become an intriguing and mysterious “Garden of Flora” within Pu Mat National Park

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