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Necessary supplies

21 Jul, 2023
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When your destination is Pu Mat National Park, to make your trip more efficient and minimize risks, you should prepare some essential items such as:

Clothing: Long, quick-drying clothes, hiking shoes, and a pair of forest ranger boots for flexibility in various types of tourism activities. Also, a wide-brimmed hat or cap, forest socks or knee-high socks.

Medical supplies: A medical kit with essential items including fever-reducing and pain-relieving medication, headache medication, antibiotics, antiseptic, adhesive tape, cotton, gauze, medicated oil, blood-clotting medication, insect repellent (Remos).

Other equipment and tools: Multi-purpose knife, lighter, waterproof bag (if you’re participating in trekking or boating tours), camping gear if you plan to camp, along with necessary camping items such as tents, cooking utensils, portable gas stove, drinking water for trekking trips.


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