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Pu Mat National Park is located in the tropical monsoon region, due to the influence of the Truong Son mountain range on atmospheric circulation, the climate here is highly differentiated and different in the region.
Heat mode:
+ Average annual temperature is 23 – 240C, total heat energy is from 8500 – 87000C.
+ Winter from December to February next year, due to the influence of the northeast monsoon, the average temperature in these months falls below 200C and the lowest monthly average temperature drops below 180C (January).
On the contrary, in the summer, due to the activity of the west wind, the weather is very dry and hot, lasting up to 3 months (from April to July). The average summer temperature is above 250C, the hottest in June and July, the average temperature is 290C. The maximum temperature is up to 420C in Con Cuong and 42.70C in Tuong Duong in April and May, the humidity in these months has many days below 30%.
– Humid rain mode:
The study area has little to moderate rainfall, 90% of the water is concentrated in the rainy season, the heaviest rainfall is September, October and often accompanied by floods. The dry season is from December to April next year. The months of February, March and April have drizzle due to the influence of the northeast monsoon. May, June, and July are the hottest months and evaporation is also the highest.
+ The air humidity in the region reaches 85 to 86%, the rainy season is up to 90%. However, extremely low values of humidity are often caused by prolonged hot periods.
– Hydrology:
In the area, there is the Ca river system running from the Northwest to the Southeast. The right-bank estuaries such as Khe Thoi, Khe Zhuang and Khe Kheng run from the Southwest to the Northeast and pour water into the Ca River.
+ All three rivers above can use rafts to pass through certain sections. Particularly for Khe Trang and Khe Kheng, it is possible to use motorboats upstream in the downstream.
+ In general, the network of rivers and streams is quite dense, due to the uneven distribution of rainfall between seasons and regions, floods and droughts often occur.