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Ma Nhai stele Historical Site

18 Sep, 2023
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According to historical records, in 1335, Emperor Tran Minh Tong personally led his troops to the Nam Nhung region (part of the western Nghe region) to suppress the Ai Lao invaders and maintain peace in the borderlands. After the victory, Tran Minh Tong assigned General Nguyen Trung Ngạn to have the soldiers smooth the stone wall on Thanh Nam Mountain, located in Tuong Duong land (now Chi Khe commune, Con Cuong district), to carve a stele documenting the achievements of the Tran dynasty, known as the “Ma Nhai Monument of Merit” (Ma Nhai stele). Over nearly 700 years of history, the ancient inscriptions remain intact. The Ma Nhai stele consists of 14 lines and 155 characters, deeply engraved on the limestone cliff, facing the Lam River, serving as evidence of the indomitable spirit of East Asia and the ancestral determination to protect the homeland. In July 2011, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to recognize the Ma Nhai stele as a National Historical and Cultural Monument.

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