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Kem waterfall

18 Sep, 2023
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Kem waterfall is considered a marvel bestowed by nature upon Pu Mat National Park and its inhabitants. Located approximately 18 km from the park headquarters, visitors can reach Kem waterfall by various means of transportation such as cars, motorcycles, or bicycles, following winding and picturesque routes that will lead them to a scene resembling a fairyland amidst the majestic mountains. From a distance, the waterfall appears like a strip of white silk against the backdrop of lush green mountains and dense forests, creating a sense of entering a mythical realm. Looking up from the foot of the waterfall, visitors are captivated by the endless cascade of sparkling water droplets that resemble blooming flowers, forming a poetic and enchanting spectacle. On both sides of the waterfall lies a vast expanse of lush green vegetation, with hundreds and thousands of plant species, each competing to reach higher for sunlight, painting a breathtaking landscape of harmonious beauty. Below the waterfall, there are long stretches of water with different sizes and depths, interspersed with numerous flat rocks of varying sizes, forming natural resting spots, ideal for visitors to relax, take photographs, and enjoy the scenery. During the hot and dry summer months of Central Vietnam, this place becomes an excellent destination for sightseeing, relaxation, and swimming, with an average temperature of around 19 – 20 degrees Celsius. In addition to admiring the waterfall and its poetic beauty, visitors can also participate in experiential tours to explore and learn about the wild animal and plant species of the tropical rainforest, such as fish, squirrels, monkeys, civets, birds, and various insects. Right at the base of the waterfall, those who enjoy camping can also set up camp to experience the wilderness at night amidst the vast forest. They can join night tours to observe the nocturnal behaviors of animals. From Kem waterfall, visitors can embark on a long-distance hiking journey to immerse themselves in the pristine and fresh air of Pu Mat Forest, challenging themselves to conquer the lofty peaks. Resting on the rocks along the trails, visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to capture stunning photos in the heart of the deep forest. Come to Kem waterfall to indulge in the beauty of nature through all senses, allowing our souls to find tranquility and contentment.

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