Trekking to conquer Kem waterfall Peak – Photography at the Choi canh lua – Camping – Cloud hunting at Burning Grass Peak- Hen stream – Admiring Kem Waterfall.

21, July, 2023

The tour program is suitable for individuals who are physically fit, free from heart and joint diseases, and not afraid of heights.

 Morning of Day 1: Departure to Homestay in Trung Chinh village.

Afternoon of Day 1: On the way to Homestay, can Check-in at the Tea Hill, receive the room.

Evening of Day 1: Dinner and cultural exchange with local residents in the village, and preparation of necessary equipment for the next day’s mountain climbing.

Morning of Day 2: Breakfast at Homestay, then move to the base of Kem waterfall to begin the ascent of the Kem waterfall. The trail to the Kem waterfall Peak is steep and challenging, on the trail, you have opportunities to observe footprints and elephant. After about 40 minutes, you are arriving to the peak. From the peak, choose a spot to capture beautiful photos. Continue to move towards the Choi canh lua, have lunch along the way. By climbing to the Choi canh lua, you can widen your field of vision and admire the majestic Pu Mat forest, as well as have the opportunity to capture stunning photos.

Afternoon of Day 2: After the leaving Choi canh lua, continue for about 15 minutes to a relatively flat location to set up the Camp. Here, you will set up the camp, hang hammocks for sleeping, and prepare dinner in the tranquil and isolated environment of the forest.

Morning of Day 3: Breakfast at the Camp, continue the mountain climbing journey to hunt for clouds on the Burning Grass Peak. It will be fantastic if you climb the mountain on a clear day, as you will have many opportunities to chase clouds and capture incredibly beautiful photos for your collection.

Noon: Lunch on the way to Hen stream. After lunch, continue the journey back to the Camp and descend to Khe Hen. On the way to  Hen stream, you will have the chance to encounter animal tracks and cross several cool, fresh, and turquoise streams. From Hen stream, descend back to Kem waterfall to admire its grandeur and enjoy the soothing sensation for your foot, when they be massaged by wild fish. It’s truly an amazing experience.

Afternoon of Day 3: Dinner in Con Cuong town, then return to conclude the tour.

Note: – Please bring: Long clothing, preferably quick-drying materials, trekking sandals, waterproof bag, hat, water, insect repellent, medical supplies, flashlight, camera (if available), hammock, and necessary camping equipment such as knife, lighter. Food can be arranged in the village or by contacting the Kem waterfall tourist area in advance.

It is mandatory to have a forest ranger and local guides, so please make a reservation at least 1 week in advance.

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