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19, July, 2023

Pu Mat is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the country, where many rare species of animals and plants converge, such as Clove wood, Ironwood tree, Asian elephants, bears, muntjac, gibbons, civets, and primate species. With these advantages, Pu Mat National Park has been actively developing specialized tourism activities to meet the needs of learning, researching, and exploring of students, researchers, scientists, and nature enthusiasts. Tours focusing on reptiles, amphibians, insects; night animal observation; birdwatching, etc., are sure to satisfy our esteemed guests,…


If you have a passion for observing beautiful and rare bird species, Pu Mat National Park is an attractive destination for you. With 361 bird species, including many rare species such as Aceros nipalensis, golden cash chicken, Tonkin Patrick, Pin tailed parrotfinch, Beautiful Nuthatch, Dendrocitta frontalis and Blue nape Pitta, it will surely satisfy you.

The best birdwatching spots in Pu Mat National Park are:

Peripheral Botanical garden of the park’s headquarters (VTV)

Khe Kem waterfall tourist area

Khe Choang tourist area

Pha Lai tourist area along the Giang River banks

Observing and studying the reptile and amphibian ecosystem :

Pu Mat National Park is the habitat of 53 reptile species and 33 amphibian species, including rare and endangered species. When visiting Pu Mat, you can explore the tourist area of Kem Waterfall and then venture into the streams and ravines here, where you will have the opportunity to learn about and discover many species.

Suitable locations:

Streams in the tourist area of Kem Waterfall: Ca Ne Stream, Hen Stream. …

ØNighttime animal observation

Nighttime animal observation is also a wonderful experience when traveling to Pu Mat National Park. In addition to the opportunity to observe nocturnal animals such as civets, otters, and Pangolins , if you’re lucky, you may also encounter wandering elephants in search of a sleeping place. You can also experience the nighttime life with various sounds, including the chorus of numerous reptiles, amphibians, and various insects in the serene atmosphere.

Effective locations for conducting nighttime animal observation tours include:

Kem Waterfall area

Khe Choang tourist area

Peripheral Botanical Garden of the Park

The most suitable observation time is in April and July-August according to the lunar calendar..


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