Sightseeing tourism

20, July, 2023

In addition to the aforementioned types of tourism, when visiting Pu Mat National Park, tourists also have the opportunity to explore and discover many other attractive tourist spots, such as the Natural-Cultural Museum of Western Nghe An; Wildlife Rescue Center; Peripheral Botanical Garden; Admire the majestic beauty of Kem Waterfall and enjoy a relaxing foot massage by the tiny fish groups …

Sightseeing tourism of Ca Ne Stream

Ca Ne stream is located in the Kem waterfall tourist site, about 25 km from Con Cuong town. This is an interesting tourist route that few people know about. The slot stretches along a small stream and is nestled in the middle of the old Pu Mat forest. In the middle of the slot, countless large and small rocks with different shapes are randomly arranged, which can lift tourists’ steps. The special impression of the slot is the cool, clear water that can be seen in a mirror. Leaving barefoot in the middle of that pure water, visitors can feel the unexpected magic of nature. Looking up, the green foliage of ancient trees, vines, and shrubs knit together in layers, layers of protection for the slot and for those who want to explore…

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