Kem waterfall –Milestone 68 (Fire watchtower) – Burning Grass Peak– Kem waterfall

21, July, 2023

Morning of Day 1: You arrived at the Kem Forest Protection Station. You prepared equipment and tools, then proceeded to hike up to Kem waterfall, continuing along the trail to Milestone 68 (Fire watchtower). You had lunch on the way

.Afternoon of Day 1: You reached the camping spot, set up camp, cooked meals, and spent the night (with possible opportunities to observe wildlife such as civets, flying squirrels, and wild pig in the evening).

Evening of Day 1: Guests had dinner and spent the night in tents.

Morning of Day 2: You woke up, attended to personal hygiene, and had breakfast at the campsite. You packed up their belongings and continued the journey to Burning Grass Peak. You enjoyed cloud hunting and admired the scenery at Burning Grass Peak.

Afternoon of Day 2: You started the return journey and had lunch along the way.

Evening of Day 2: You arrived at Kem waterfall, where you enjoyed swimming, then you were picked up by a vehicle at the waterfall, concluding the trip.

Please bring: Long clothes, sports shoes, hat, water, insect repellent, medical supplies, flashlight, camera (if available), camping gear, and necessary items for camping such as a knife, lighter, food.

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